Bill Paxton

Jun 5 2014

Edge of Tomorrow

If you didn’t get enough of the time travel thing with “X-Men: Days of Future Past” earlier this month, fear not: “Edge of Tomorrow” will throw you for a loop. Or a hundred. It’s kind of like that level of “Call of Duty” you can’t seem to get past. In an undisclosed time in the […]
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Aug 2 2013

2 Guns

Usually, studios leave August open for the movies that didn’t quite fit the rubric of the blockbuster summer movie, the easy moneymaker, the franchise film, or – as has proven to be popular with moviegoing audiences of late – the reboot. It’s here that they dump off projects that they didn’t want to compete against […]
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Jan 22 2012


(This review was originally published on January 22, 2012 at The Rogers Revue) It’s nice to see an action film that doesn’t complicate things just for the sake of looking smart. As much as I enjoyed most of the spy films from 2011, we saw almost every variation and mind-boggling complexity that the genre had […]
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