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Oct 27 2016


Ron Howard’s new adaptation of Inferno, the fourth of author Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon mystery novels, has had me dizzy since I saw it. Not since Oliver Stone’s Natural Born Killers have I been subjected to so much rapid-fire editing, jarring blasts of noise on the film’s soundtrack, and the dreaded nauseating shakycam for that […]
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Jan 10 2014

Lone Survivor

Peter Berg is that rare breed of filmmaker whose wild inconsistency makes him an oddly intriguing – and perhaps marketable – director, kind of like Antoine Fuqua.  Just as likely to make a memorable, inspiring, character-driven picture (2004’s “Friday Night Lights”) as he is to drop a dreadfully vapid, big budget clunker (2012’s “Battleship”), Berg’s […]
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Aug 10 2012


(This review originally appeared at Reel Film News on August 10, 2012.) Sometimes, a film’s genre definition tends to get turned completely on its head. Fernando Meirelles’ 360, for example, is a Crash-like film where the characters’ lives all intersect at one point or another, often through disparate circumstances. Right off the bat, describing it […]
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