Barking Ira

Sep 20 2013

The Henchman’s War

It’s apparent that shedding the burden of a hefty production expenditure – or even a modest one, at that – can result in some pretty innovative filmmaking. “The Henchman’s War”, which was crafted from a budget that would make a shoe-string look thick, is a prime example of how a story takes precedence over action. […]
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Sep 19 2013

Interview: Anthony Greene, writer/director of “The Henchman’s War”

Earlier this week, I sat down with DC native Anthony Greene, writer/producer/director of the independent crime drama “The Henchman’s War”. Greene was selected as September’s Filmmaker of the Month by the Washington, DC Office of Motion Picture and Television Development, which honored his diverse breadth of work including several documentaries and short films. Greene is […]
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