99 Homes

Dec 31 2015

Year In Review: The Best Films of 2015

By Michael Parsons As I emerge from a fugue state after a slew of awards screenings, I’m reminded of why I love movies so much. Not because I’ve seen almost ever Oscar contender out there, but because the ever-expanding art of cinema never fails to churn out some surprises. As far as I’m concerned, every year is a great year in […]
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Dec 29 2015

Highlight Review 2015: “99 Homes”

“99 Homes” is the “Training Day” of the real estate industry. A dramatic thriller set in 2010 Orlando, the film introduces us to Rick Carver (Michael Shannon), a ruthless broker at the scene of a suicide in a recently foreclosed-upon property. It’s just one of many pit-stops in a busy day of evicting people from their homes. […]
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