Sep 28 2015


THE 2015 SPOOKY MOVIE INTERNATIONAL HORROR FILM FESTIVAL October 8-17, 2015 Since 2006, October has belonged to the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival. The festival that brought the DC area such films as THE BABADOOK, EXISTS, TUCKER AND DALE VS. EVIL, A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT, HOUSEBOUND, and EXCISION–-holds its 10th annual […]
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Jul 1 2015

Swords of Insurgency – Pilot

Watch out, internet. There’s a new web series in town, and if the pilot episode is a huge hint as to what’s to come, this little production out of Virginia could be – scratch that. Swords of Insurgency *will* be the next big thing. Combining the post-apocalyptic drudgery of America’s hit TV show The Walking […]
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Dec 30 2014

Mike’s Top 10 Films of 2014

With each annual list that I compile, I find myself saying the same thing: it’s difficult to come up with a definitive “Top 10”. It’s one thing when a film has secured a spot in your favorites the minute the credits have started rolling, something that speaks to you in a very specific way or comes […]
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“Picture Lock” – an interview with Michael Parsons

Kevin Sampson at PICTURE LOCK sat down with DC Filmdom’s Michael Parsons in their latest episode, along with Dean Rogers from The Rogers Revue, where both Michael and Eddie got their start. You can watch the episode here!  
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Oct 19 2014

RIFE 2014: “Geographically Desirable” reviewed

“Has anyone been following the French presidential election?” asks Nicole (Blair Bowers), who’s met with a blank stare from a table full of her friends. That’s because Nicole lives in the world of news broadcasting. She’s obsessed with her job. She’s a workaholic who dedicates the wee hours of the night to a Washington, DC network affiliate, and she’s […]
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Oct 17 2014

Spooky Movie Festival 2014: “Housebound” reviewed

A good old-fashioned, creaky stairs, don’t-go-in-the-basement style haunted house flick, the New Zealand-set “Housebound” is exactly the type of genre film that I’ve been sorely missing over the last several years. Recent heavy-hitters like “The Conjuring” and “Oculus” certainly served up more than their share of scares, sure, but there’s something especially menacing about the unvarnished look […]
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