May 25 2016

Sevé Schelenz Interview: “PEELERS” Canadian Premiere

Sevé  Schelenz is just a regular everyday guy trying to make a difference. In the stripper-horror subgenre. It’s been five years since my one and only meeting with the director, when Schelenz’s creepy minimalist found-footage flick “Skew” left much to our imaginations at the 2011 Spooky Movie Fest in DC (it went on to great […]
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May 13 2016

Review: “Green Room”

Albeit a very different style, DC-Area native writer/director Jeremy Saulnier’s “Green Room” competes with “The Invitation” as the best horror/thriller of the year. While the latter is a subtle, clever twist on the “Ten Little Indians” premise, Saulnier’s follow-up to “Blue Ruin” is more like a grenade going off in an over-crowded sub-genre.  It’s tense, smart, and […]
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Apr 11 2016

The Dust Has Settled: “Batman v Superman” Review

Every once in a while, I like to chime in on a big film after heated opinion has waned (i.e., I couldn’t make the press screening). The big question is: is the clash of the cleft chins as bad as all the reviewers are saying it is? Though I had the same reaction to the battle between […]
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Apr 9 2016

Palm Beach International Film Festival — “Peelers” Reviewed

A few years back, I spoke with a guy named Sevé Schelenz, who was out peddling a found-footage flick that he wrote and directed called “Skew” on the festival circuit. I caught him at the Spooky Movie Fest in DC where I took maybe the best photograph of a Canadian horror filmmaker ever. Then I found […]
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Jan 28 2016

Interview: KUNG FU PANDA 3 directors Jennifer Nelson and Alessandro Carloni

We sat down with Kung Fu Panda 3 directors Jennifer Yuh Nelson and Alessandro Carloni earlier this month. Click here (or use the embedded player below) to hear about the journey Po (Jack Black) has taken, what he’s learned, and the things that go into making one of the best-looking animated films to come out […]
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Jan 27 2016

Rosebud Film Festival Review: “Southeast 67”

Betsy Cox delivers an urgent message in a twenty-year-old story….still in the making. This is not a film about Washington, DC, or political ideologies concerning education, though its socioeconomic undercurrent is critical in establishing the odds of the era. This is a film about people and what they are capable of when afforded the opportunity […]
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