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Hi, everyone!

We don’t often share personal news on this site, but after four years, it seems about time to do so.

Mike and actor Tony Todd
Mike and actor Tony Todd (courtesy of The Rogers Revue)

First off, Mike and Eddie are still here and not planning on going anywhere. We currently write for DC Filmdom and occasionally for our friends over at Gunaxin. Sometimes, they’ll reprint our reviews (with our permission, of course), but most of the content we provide them is brand-new. We’d like to thank Philip Van Der Vossen over at Gunaxin for this incredible opportunity and, as it coincides with this update being published, we’d also like to wish him a happy birthday!

Click here for Mike’s Gunaxin archive: http://www.gunaxin.com/author/michael/
Click here for Eddie’s Gunaxin archive: http://www.gunaxin.com/author/eddie/

Second, we’ve been short on reviews lately due to work and family obligations, the latter of which must always come first. (That sentence was weird, wasn’t it? “The latter must come first”?) Both of us have two children who keep us busy and extremely happy, and our lives rarely intersect – the picture above was taken this summer at a wedding where we didn’t expect to see each other!

(Eddie would like to take this time to raise awareness for those who share his youngest daughter’s condition, Sacral Agenesis/Caudal Regression Syndrome. Click here for the iSacra Foundation page.)

Eddie and actor/director Danny Strong
Eddie and actor/director Danny Strong

Special thanks go to our wives and families for being supportive of us in our writing endeavors and all else otherwise. Also, a special thank-you goes to our web designer, Viki Nova of City Dock Digital.

And thank YOU for reading. From our brains to our keyboards to the screen to your eyeballs to your brains, we’ll be back soon to bring you more.

Eddie Pasa

Eddie is a member of the Washington DC Area Film Critics Association (WAFCA) and the Online Film Critics Society (OFCS). Since starting in 2010 at The Rogers Revue, Eddie has written for Reel Film News (now defunct), co-founded DC Filmdom, and writes occasionally for Gunaxin. When not reviewing movies, he's spending time with his wife and children, repeat-viewing favorites on 4k or Blu-Ray, working for rebranding agency Mekanic, or playing acoustic shows and DJing across the DC/MD/VA area. Special thanks go to Jenn Carlson, Moira and Ari Pasa, Viki Nova at City Dock Digital in Annapolis, Mike Parsons, Philip Van Der Vossen, and Dean Rogers.

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